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Make Your Driveway Look Like New

We have the tools, skills, and experience to transform any concrete surface.

"Amazing people, that do an amazing job!! The job was done incredibly and at a fair cost!! I will definitely continue to use Cornerstone Power Wash for all my Powerwashing needs :)"
Paige J.

If your driveway or other concrete surface looks like this picture, it is covered in organic matter that has entrenched itself in the porous concrete.

This doesn’t just make your property look shabby. It can also be dangerous. Mold is harmful to breathe, and mildew can make surfaces dangerously slippery.

Before we can clean your concrete surface, we have to kill the organic matter that is living on it. We do this by pre-treating. 

After the grime has been loosened by this pre-treatment, we can use a surface cleaner to carefully wash your concrete surface. We always make sure to be slow and methodical. Doing this part of the job wrong can leave swirl marks and stripes.

Finally, we cut in corners and wash all the grime away, leaving your driveway pristine.

On spectacularly dirty driveways, we post-treat. But this is not always necessary.

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